Anti Mould Paint - - Emulsion Paint with Active Fungicide

Anti Mould Paint

Anti Mould Paint
5 Litres: £26.30 + VAT 10 Litres: £49.57 + VAT

Coverage: 8-10 sq m / litre
Product Code: 52W

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If your wall is suffering from unsightly black spot mould growth, our Anti-Mould Paint is the answer. Containing an active film fungicide, Anti-Mould Paint (in conjunction with improved ventilation) will prevent the future growth of black mould, mildew or algae usually associated with condensation and high humidity. Anti-Mould Fungicidal Paint is compatible with conventional emulsion.

Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT is a high quality acrylic based emulsion paint which when applied, provides a rich satin finish. The paint is specially formulated and contains an active film fungicide which will prevent any future growth of moulds or algae.

The fungicide is highly active against black spot mould growth (Asperillus Niger) usually associated with condensation and high humidity environments. The coating is effective for both internal and external surface applications and the fungicide will not leach out, even when wiped.

Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT can be used in any situation where mould or algae growth has been a problem. The surface is fully washable so dirt and grime can be easily and simply wiped away.

Scrape off any loose paint and brush down to remove dust and flake. Apply a solution of Kingfisher Bio-cleaner with a sponge or brush and allow to dry. This will kill off any presence of mould.

Kingfisher ANTI-MOULD PAINT is simply applied with brush or roller.