Anti Mould Paint Additive - Add to Emulsion or Water based Paint

Anti Mould Paint Additive

Anti Mould Paint Additive
120 g: £10.79 + VAT

Product Code: 52Y

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Just add 120 g of Anti-Mould Paint Additive to 10 litres of any ordinary emulsion or water based masonry paint to make your own fungicidal paint. Anti-Mould Paint Additive creates an effective fungicidal paint which gives similar mould inhibiting properties to our ready to use Anti-mould paint described above. Eliminates the re-growth of unsightly black mould.

We recommend that you pre-treat any existing mould with Kingfisher Mould Cure to sanitise the surface for painting.

Our additive is a neutral colour so it can be added to paint of any colour without altering the final finish of the paint.