Thermapaint Anti Mould - Energy Saving Paint - Low Condensation Insulating Anti Mould Pai

Thermapaint Anti Mould

Thermapaint Anti Mould
10 Litres: £56.57 + VAT 5 Litres: £33.58 + VAT

Coverage: 4-6 sq m / litre
Application: Brush or Roller
Product Code: 5TAMW

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  • Kill Mould & Reduce Energy Costs - In one!
  • Reduce or Eliminate Condensation
  • Ideal for Bathrooms & Showers

Thermapaint anti-mould paint is a unique product combining Thermapaint's ceramic microsphere technology with our latest anti-mould paint chemistry. This DUAL action paint robs Black spot mould of the moisture it needs to grow by warming the wall surface to lower condensation by up to 96% and then forms an active-film fungicide to deter further black spot mould growth.

Thermapaint anti-mould paint has the same energy saving properties as our Thermapaint insulating emulsion.

Note: Before applying, you must treat existing black spots with Kingfisher Mould Cure to ensure maximum effectiveness.