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Mould Control: Mould Detection

Step 1: Identify and eliminate the moisture source

In order to eliminate mould, you need to cut off the moisture source which is giving rise to the outbreak in the first place. There are only two sources of this moisture; Damp or Condensation. Condensation is by far the most common cause (although it is often misdiagnosed as damp!) and can be alleviated by improving airflow, open a window, make sure air-bricks and trickle vents are not covered up or install a vent or fan. If the problem is rising damp, our Dri-wall Injection Cream can often solve this problem or if rain is penetrating sideways through your masonry then Storm seal or Extreme Climate can help. Alternatively if you are unsure as to the moisture source, call us on 01229 869 100 and ask for technical support, we will be pleased to help.

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