Mould Removal

Treat and get rid of mould

Unsightly black mould growth is a common problem in many homes but Kingfisher mould removal agent treats black mould in one easy application. Make sure to also give the infected area a treatment of Kingfisher Mould Cure bio wash which will thoroughly sanitise the area, eliminating the spores that can initiate re-growth.

Black Mould Remover for Walls & Ceilings

The Kingfisher black mould remover is the perfect pre-treatment for Kingfisher Anti-Mould Paint or conventional emulsion mixed with Anti-Mould Additive. Looking for a mould cure to clear away harmful black sport mould spores? Our outstanding black mould remover for walls and ceilings is a treatment agent in one easy application. This professional concentrate treats up to 5 times the area of spray applied products.

We know the frustration when you constantly need to redecorate due to mould growth. Our Mould Remover and Anti Mould Paint Additive will help you combat this common issue. For more information about how our mould removal products can help you, donít hesitate to contact us.

Black Mould Remover (Mould Cure)

Black Mould Remover (Mould Cure)

1 Litre - £16.62 ex VAT
£16.62 (£19.94 EX VAT)
Anti-Mould Paint Additive

Anti-Mould Paint Additive

120 g - £10.79 ex VAT
£10.79 (£12.95 EX VAT)